Compare And Contrast Mom And Dad

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Mom Vs Dad Everyone has a mom and a dad, however some people only live with one of the parent. Some parents are single parent or some have remarried to a different person, thus giving the child a step parent. If the step parent is up for the challenge and parents correctly they can easily just become a motherly or fatherly figure instead of the step mom or step dad. Regardless, there are many differences between a mom and dad. They typically have different ideas on parenting styles, different attitudes towards certain experiences or ideas, etc. They are almost never completely on the same page, but if they are it is very well known it took quite some time to get there together. A mother is a woman in charge. By definitions created by other civilians a mother is a compassionate woman who gave birth to you and always wants to protect you. Most of the time it is an unspoken rule that the female rules the house. As the joke states, “happy wife, happy life”. The mother carries the baby in her womb for nine months and goes through hours of excruciating pain to bring the child into the world. People typically see the mom as the more caring and compassionate parent.…show more content…
By a definition found on the internet a father is a man who despite not giving birth to you still loves his child just as much as the mother does. Fathers are sometimes seem as more understanding and laid back and seem to have easier resolutions to their child’s problems. They typically tell the child everything will be okay and to tough it out and send the child on to continue what they were doing.However, sometimes he can be hotheaded and punish you faster than mom. Sometimes men are joked about as being big children, which can sometimes amount to a better relationship between the father and child. A lot of children go to dad for the fun stuff like money or going to a friends house because he will give into their begging and pleading easier than their mother
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