Mixed Method Research And Mixed Methods

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1. Identifying a research question
Before conducting a research study, researchers or students research need to identify a research topic that interest researchers. Then formulating the research topic to a hypothesis, in other words, research question for the research. There are two possible ways of development of research question, including deductive theory construction and inductive theory construction (Babbie, 2013, pp-52-54).
According to Babbie (2013, p.52) deductive theory construction has following steps. First step, researchers need to select a topic that interest to them. However, selected topic may be broader meaning. If it is, researchers should refine the topic to be specific. Then researchers should check that topic whether it
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Those are: qualitative method research, quantitative method research and mixed methods research. Each method has its unique in term of strengths and weaknesses. However, this paper focuses on mixed research methodology only. Therefore, what is mixed methods research? According to
There are two main reasons why this mixed methods research is chosen for answering to the research question, including minimize the gap of missing data from quantitative or qualitative method and generating a better results of the research question more than one method.
The first main reason of choosing mixed methods research is that multiple methods research can minimize the gap of missing data from qualitative and quantitative methods approaches. As McLaughlin (1991) explains in his paper that in most cases, researchers use qualitative research approach to discover some findings after conducting quantitative research. Some researchers deploy quantitative method after conducting qualitative method research, prior to complete with gaps of data analysis (McLaughlin, 1991, pp.303-304).
Johnson and Onwuegbuzie (2007) (as cited in Connelly (2009) claims that mixed methods approach provides a room for researchers to be able to answer to more complex research questions because they use both methods for the survey research (Connelly, 2009,
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