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Importance of a mentorship program and a succession plan
The most important driver of organizational performance is strong leadership. A robust talent management program and a well-built succession planning system are important in the development and the maintenance of strong leaders. The health care industry is both complex and very dynamic; therefore, it requires a well-structured succession planning and an efficient talent management system.
An effective mentorship program and succession plan are crucial because the leaders in the health care industry are faced with high demands to make significant transformations in their organizations so as to match the pressures of providing cost-effective and high-quality care (Shanbhag, et al.,2016).
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It also creates informal bonding and mentoring atmosphere for the new employees. Mentorship eases out the professional and personal problems of the employees by the help of senior people. Succession to the organizational hierarchy is smoothed by the mentorship programs because they already train their mentees about what is expected out of them (Rothwell, 2015).

Mentoring program
The strategic goals for the mentorship program are to improve the retention rates for the highly skilled and qualified staff. The program is also meant to build morale among staff, to fasten the rate of leadership development, to build strong teams and to facilitate continuous learning within the organization.
Selection of mentors
The mentors are individuals who are competent in specific areas, for instance, those who have been able to succeed in leadership. The long-serving medical practitioners can also perform the roles of mentors because they understand the challenges of the journey towards the top and they inspire the mentees to work hard. Counselors can also be mentors in a health care organization.
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A breach of this aspect can be very harmful to the relationship because it will make the mentee to lose the trust they initially developed with the mentor. Once confidentiality has been breached, it can be tough to resolve.
Training of mentors
Despite choosing mentors who are excellent in what they do, it is essential that they are equipped with mentorship skills. Training of members will improve the success rates of the mentorship program. Teaching will enable the mentors to become active before the mentorship program kicks off.
Politically correct mentors
Politically correct mentors are those who are ready to learn about other people and to respect their uniqueness. In addition, these mentors do not have negative stereotypes against particular groups of individuals. They are those people who accept diversity and are tolerant towards people who are different from them.
Committed to the long-term role of being a mentor
Mentors should be committed to being mentors on a long-term basis. They should be able to maintain the relationship they will establish with the mentees.

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