The Pros And Cons Of Career Development

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Career development should begin right after the individual is hired and all on-boarding training is concluded. An organization’s corporate culture has a lot to do with the career development of their employees. It should be stated and understood by new employees what is expected of them and are by the organization to attain different positions. One way to help new hires with career development is for the organization to have a mentor program in place. For the individual, they should have already established within themselves short-term and long-term goals to avoid being stuck in a rut or becoming overworked and underpaid.
Having a great mentor program in place is a great way to help foster diversity sensitivity and help the
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One of the biggest pros is having access to an experienced person’s knowledge and contacts. Another big pro is the ability to get quick honest answers to your questions; also you can gain a different perspective not just the ones from your peers. Honest feedback is also a good pro in an excellent mentoring program because an individual can receive honest feedback on what they are doing well and what skills they are deficient in and how to improve. Honest and constructive feedback can be a win-win situation for everyone involved because the organization gains a well-rounded employee and the employee becomes more efficient in doing their job well (Lipman.2017). A good mentor can help mentees to set realistic and honest career goals and development especially if they have already been through the process. As the individual becomes more engaged and exposed within the organization this can foster a sense of pride and loyalty to the organization because they feel…show more content…
In conclusion, having a good mentorship program in place can foster great work relationships and trust among co-workers. Mentors can be the biggest cheerleader new hires experience and can offer access to people and networks along with experiences. Also, having a great mentor program can offer sensitivity training indirectly by allowing people from different backgrounds have interactions that otherwise may not happen.
A good mentor cans a new job applicant up to speed quicker and helps with answers to questions that may arise. Another sign of a good mentorship program that both parties involved can learn from each other. An organization having a mentorship program can assist with employee retention because it will foster employees feeling valued by the company and this in return develops employee loyalty to the organization (Mathis & Jackson, 2017). This can be a win-win situation for the company because employees who feel they are valued tend to take pride in their work and increase
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