Media Influence On Self Esteem

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“Whereas body esteem is supposed to be a minor component of self-esteem in our society, body esteem ellipses the self-esteem and becomes the primary and sometimes the only dimension on which women evaluate their self-worth” (Cynthia M. Bulik, page 2). Modern society has become sick and obsessed in physical appearance where women are suffering and torturing themselves to reach the unattainable outer perfection. Being happy and satisfied has now been linked to being beautiful and fit. This beauty mania has overwhelmed everyone especially female teenagers in a way they start developing negative body image that has been linked to many factors. Some consider that media exerts a powerful pressure on young females to reach high level of fitness…show more content…
However, it is linked to many other factors. From the physical view, some women and girls are unable to understand physical changes in their bodies at different stages of their life, such as puberty and pregnancy. For example, during adolescence kids experience storm of changes like gaining extra fat, suffering from skin problems like acne, and developing of the breast and pubic hair. During this stage, girl teenagers become more obsessed with their looks and they start suffering from body dissatisfaction which lead to excessive usage of cosmetics and developing unhealthy habits like severe diets and sometimes it leads to suicide. Moreover, some girls suffer from low self-confidence. They focus on the outer beauty instead on focusing on their inner values and morals and developing their thoughts. Life for them is all about makeup, clothes and talking to guys. In contrast, a confident lady will never feel that she’s less than others just because there’s someone prettier than her. Furthermore, peer pressure is like fuel to fire. Fat and non-attractive girls envy pretty ones who are asked out by handsome and fit guys. They starve their bodies, smiles, and their elegance. This contributes in their inability to appreciate their body and love themselves. In addition, Self-perception is highly affected by the cultures we live within and most cultures define beauty as being extremely thin. For example, Barbie dolls are teaching girls to desire the thinness, the blonde hair, and the blue eyes and to strive for unrealistic body image, hence media barely plays a role in body dissatisfaction in females compared to other
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