Body Expectations Essay

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Body Expectations: Extreme Measures In a society similar to the one of the United States, individual’s body images are placed on a pedestal. Society is extremely powerful in the sense that it has the capability of creating or breaking a person’s own views of his or her self worth. The pressure can take over and make people conduct in unhealthy behavior till reaching the unrealistic views of “perfection.” In an article by Caroline Heldman, titled Out-of-Body Image, the author explains the significance of self-objectification and woman’s body image. Jennifer L. Derenne made a similar argument in her article titled, Body Image, Media, and Eating Disorders. Multiple articles and books have been published on the issue in regards to getting people to have more positive views on themselves. Typically female have had a more difficult time when relating to body image and self worth. Society tends to put more pressure on women to live to achieve this high ideal. Body image will always be a concern as long as society puts the pressure on people; there are multiple pressures placed and theses pressures tend to leave an impact on people’s images of themselves. The “skinny” look has not always been in style. In fact, in the 1800’s women wanted to be…show more content…
Although men do not look at a plastic doll as an inspiration for a perfect body, but they too have ideals that they wish to live up to. Often times, men find the need to have the biggest muscles in order to please women. Although not always noticed but there is a fine line between healthy and extreme. At a certain point, it becomes an obsession and can take over a person’s life. However, men do have it a bit easier in the sense that their main and only concern is with building muscle. Women are expected to put on make up everyday and always be in top condition. It is looked down upon for a female not to dress and groomed a certain way every single
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