Mark's Position At Seventh Heaven

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Human behavior is the key to achieve success in life and positive behavior in an organization is the key to success of the business. Human attitude and behavior plays an important role in life as well as in business organizations and the study of human behavior in organizational settings in commonly referred to as organizational behavior. According to Griffin and Moorhead (2011), “organizational behavior is a study of relation or interface between human behavior and the organization” (p.4). In view of its importance in organizational context, companies pay close attention to this aspect and this paper provides a report on the behavior of Mark, the manager and John, a enthusiastic hotel graduate in Seventh Heaven Resort. Behavioral description of John and Mark Mark, a new recruit at Seventh Heaven, which is a luxury six star resort on the Gold Coast; joined the graduate development program which is aimed to groom university graduates to become future resort managers. John is the Front Office Manager and also the immediate superior of Mark at Seventh Heaven, whom Mark has to report about daily activities. It is observed that Mark is a very social and outgoing individual, spontaneous and enthusiastic to work in challenging environments while John does not demonstrate very good people skills. John has ill tempered behavior and has only harsh and negative communications with staff which has become his identity. The personality of John is tied up with his office wearing jacket and clipboard which indicates that something is wrong with him resulting in yelling at staff and accusing them of poor performance. John does not possess a healthy personality as his behavior does not include the affective part i.e. emotions and feelings; a... ... middle of paper ... ...n. Such kind of learning orientation and motivation methods at Seventh Heaven will encourage Mark to provide his services and improve the levels of job satisfaction and motivation. Continuous learning in an organization is necessary which is seen to be missing at Seventh Heaven Resorts and implementing the learning strategies will benefit most of the employees like Mark. Works Cited 1. Argyris, C. (1999) On Organizational Learning, (2nd Ed), Australia: Wiley Blackwell 2. Griffin, R.W. and Moorhead, G. (2011) Organizational Behavior, (10th Ed), United States: Cengage Learning 3. Hellriegel, D. and Slocum, J.W. (2007) Organizational Behavior, United States: Cengage Learning 4. Singh, K. (2009) Organizational Behavior: Text and Cases, New Delhi: Pearson Education India. 5. Srivastava, S.K. (2005) Organizational Behavior and Management, New Delhi: Sarup & Sons

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