Applied Research Technologies, Inc.: Global Innovation Challenge Case Study

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The issues in this case revolve around the launch of a mini-oxidation product which will solve global clean water issues. Their filtration unit has already experienced two failures in the launch of this product. Vyas, the business manager of this unit, is convinced that the unit can be turned around by innovativeness. He revives an abandoned oxidation technology and recommends his team to develop a small-scale oxidation system with the capacity of disinfecting waste-water in small batches. While the market analysis of the product proved promising, marketing the product was a tussle and it failed due to defects in the design and lack of interest in the market. Through a three-phased process recommended by Cynthia Jackson, Vyas team was able to come up with a feasible business proposal for the implementation of the product. Both Cynthia and Vyas are tense about accepting the proposal due to its past failures but promising future.

The key stakeholders are Peter Vyas, the manager of filtration unit and Cynthia Jackson who is the vice president of water management division. Vyas was convinced that the survival of the unit depended upon innovative growth and thus he appointed a technology evaluation team with the responsibility of using technology to solve the problem of obtaining clean water in remote regions, by developing a small-scale oxidation system that enabled waste-water disinfection in small batches. His utmost concern is the technological aspect of developing the product. On the other hand, Cynthia’s perspective was shaped by the marketing angle of the product. She recommended the development of future proposals using a rigorous three phase process which links the markets analysis and technological development to busines...

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...oxidation system (RIMOS) as the solution. This product is open to high chances of funding as compared to the other options. Furthermore, this product has a large potential for market globally.

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