Importance Of Human Behavior In Organization

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Human Behavior in Organizations
Human behavior in an organization can be quite amusing at times or it can be depressing. Many people are naïve to the fact that individuals act out in a certain manner because they want attention, to see how others will react to a situation, or they are genuinely trying to help and be a good employer. There are so many different individuals within an organization that all have different personalities, values, beliefs, perceptions, and etc. Human behavior helps to enhance an individual’s understanding as to why people act the way that they do as well as assist with ways to help manage people within the organization. Managers must be able to be a leader while handling the leadership role, understand organizational
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Organizational culture can be defined as a shared set of beliefs and values that an organization develops and is a guide for its members. These beliefs and values include norms, expectations, and behaviors. In an organization it helps staff members become closer and helps them to get the job done more efficiently and their job performance becomes better. Every organization has its own culture making it different from others. Managers are also in the equation when it comes to organizational culture. Managers are responsible for maintaining and establishing a positive culture. They can motivate workers by encouraging them to perform at higher levels, have them to give feedback, and establishing positive authority. On another note, in order for an organization to keep moving forward, an organization must make changes from time to time. Organizational change is moving the organization from one state to another. This helps the organization improve in areas where they are lacking. The areas maybe in marketing, technology, or customer service. Managers must come together to plan and strategize on ways they can improve within the organization in order to stay ahead of the game and improve individual, group, and organizational…show more content…
If individuals would stop and pay attention to human behavior including themselves, it can be a real eye opener and a chance to make a difference in themselves as well as in other lives. Managers must stay strong and ready to handle any problem or situation that comes their way. Human behavior can be rough to handle in a management position. Knowing how to take on the leadership role, handling the organizational culture and structure, and managing human behavior can make a big difference in how the organization is ran and makes individuals excited about their job and proud to be a part of the
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