Marketing Strategy : Sales Promotion

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Over the last few months our department has experienced a significant decline in sales for our industrial cleaning supplies. I am confident that the products that we sell are of much higher quality than our competitors, but we are not doing enough to ensure that our target market is aware of this. In order for our department to increase revenue and create brand loyalty, it is imperative that we change our marketing strategy. This new marketing strategy will include a summer sales promotion and significant changes to our advertising campaigns. There are different types of sales promotions which include trade promotions, retailer promotions and consumer promotions. In an effort to increase our sales revenue, we will focus primarily on retailer promotions which are promotions offered by retailers to consumers (Chaharsoughi, S. & Yasory, T., 2012). I am excited about the opportunity to present this to you as I am confident that our sales figures will increase with these proposed changes. Sales Promotion Sales promotion will be a critical component of our new marketing strategy which I expect will have an immediate positive effect on our sales revenue. “Sales promotion is an initiative undertaken by organizations to promote an increase in sales, usage or trial of a product or services” (Odunlami, I., & Ogunsiji, A., 2011) This will be a huge benefit to our organization because our target market will be made aware of the products that we sell and why they are superior to the products that our competitors offer. Promotion Details The summer sales promotion will start on 07/05/16 and will end on 09/03/2016. Customers who spend $500 will be eligible for a 10% discount. Customers who spend $1000 will be eligible for a 15% discount. Cus... ... middle of paper ... ...we will need a method to measure the success and progress of the promotion. This strategy is important because it encourages sales staff to work hard to improve their sales figures, as well as provides positive feedback and recognition to top performers. We will send out sales figures via email on a bi-weekly basis and post results on the company bulletin board. This will allow employees to know where they stand in their sales and motivate them to work harder and hopefully even encourage some friendly competition between co-workers. The industrial cleaning supply industry is highly competitive, but I am confident that we have the finest products and the best employees and we are truly capable of being the most successful company in this industry. I know all of our employees will work hard both individually, and as a team to make this promotion a great success.

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