Marketing Strategy For an Interactive Pub Quiz Website

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Marketing Strategy For an Interactive Pub Quiz Website

My business idea is an interactive pub quiz web site run nationally

for big cash prizes. This work was initially produced in a group for a

national young entrepreneur's competition. Just to tell you, we won.


I propose to conduct my research by means of secondary information by

using a variety of textbooks including the Heinemann AVCE Adv.

Business, Osborne Adv. Business textbooks plus another few. These will

be a means of looking up topics to primary ad to my report.

I will gather secondary data by going on the Internet using web sites

to find out other relevant data then I will print out relevant

information then analysing it and reporting on it.

All this data will be analysed and commentated onto my investigation

at hand giving me a variety of sources.


Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying,

anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably.

Management process - successful marketing needs managerial input

because it requires constant information gathering, as well as data

analysis, in order for decisions to be made. Therefore, for my Dot.Com

venture I would have to make important decisions for the making of the

project, prospects for the future and any problems that it would face

if it existed today. I would ensure methods of constant information

gathering as well as data analysis in order for the big decisions to

be made. Examples of this are given further into the project.

Identifying - this involves these simple questions based towards the

consumer: What, Where, When and How? This way we can keep in touch

with our thoughts and perceptions about this market. This process

plays a large role in this firm, as I will have to ask questions by

the second to achieve the correct information at the right time in

order for the business to be a success. The marketing department would

look into market research, as this is the main factor of the project.

Focus groups and other methods of research will be undertaken in order
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