Marketing Challenges Of Social Media Marketing

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Social media is hot. Social Media is now the trend. And for businesses it represents a marketing opportunity that transcends the traditional middleman and connects companies directly with customers. This is why nearly every business on the planet—from giants like Starbucks and IBM to the local ice cream shop—are exploring social media marketing initiatives. A year ago, businesses were uncertain about social media. Now it's here to stay and companies are rapidly adopting social media marketing. Much like email and websites first empowered businesses, social media is the next marketing wave. Social media marketing is marketing using online communities, social networks, blog marketing and more. It's the latest "buzz" in marketing. India is probably…show more content…
Global companies have recognized Social Media Marketing as a potential marketing platform, utilized them with innovations to power their advertising campaign with social media marketing.

Social media:
2 Social media is attractive with consumers online. According to Wikipedia, social media is internet-based tools for sharing and discussing information among human beings. Social media is all about networking and networking in a way that important trust among parties and communities involved. Any website which allows user to share their content, opinions, views and encourages communication and community building can be confidential as a social media. Some popular social media sites are: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Digg, MySpace, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Scribd, Flickr etc. The meaning of the term ‘social media’ can be derived from two words which comprise it. Media generally refers to advertising and the communication of ideas or information through publications/channels. Social imply the communication of individuals within a
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Social media marketing is marketing using online communities, social networks, blog marketing and more. Lazer and Kelly’s (1973) define social marketing as "concerned with the application of marketing knowledge, concepts, and techniques to develop social as well as economic ends. It is also 4 concerned with the analysis of the social cost of marketing policies, decisions and activities." Social media marketing is not merely about hitting the front page of Digg or any other social news website. It is a planned and methodical process to establish the company’s influence status and brand within communities of potential customers, readers or
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