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There are a number of aspects encompassed by the field of Marketing. Each of these aspects are key elements in the performance of Marketing a product. The concept of Marketing is made up of four "P's;" they are Product, Price, Promotions, and Placement. These elements of products and services or ideas are used to create exchanges that satisfy an individual and or organizational goal. Promotion is the main “communication to the market that informs, persuades, and reminds potential buyers of a product in order to influence an opinion or elicit a response.” Advertising is a key element to the promotion strategy. The advertising appeal is why consumer wants to buy a product or service.
Developing and evaluating advertising appeals is a complex assignment. This is usually the responsibility of the creative people in the advertising agency. The most widely used appeals are Profit, Health, Love and Romance, Fear, Admiration, Convenience, Fun and Pleasure, Vanity and Egotism, and Environmental Consciousness. When looking at a product or service the consumers look at certain aspects that appeal to them which, helps aid them in their decision on that product/service. The Profit appeal “lets consumers know whether the product will save them money. Make them money, or keep them from losing money.” The Fear appeal “can center on social embarrassment,

growing old, or losing one's health; because of power, requires advertising to exercise care in execution.” Another advertising appeal that is commonly looked at is
Environmental Consciousness, which focuses on protecting the environment and being considerate of others in the community.
When choosing the best appeal for your product/service it generally requires market research in order to place your product/service in its correct target market. "The appeal first must make a positive impression on and be desirable to the target market. It must also be exclusive or unique; consumers must be able to distinguish the advertiser’s message from the competitor’s message." When making your impression on the target market it is enormously important to make sure the appeal is believable and is not embellished. If the appeal is over thought it not only wastes promotional dollars but also creates ill will for the advertiser.
The advertising appeal for the product/service must be desirable, exclusive, and believable advertising, which is also known as the Unique Selling Proposition. The Unique Selling Proposition commonly turns into the promotional slogan. As a business you want your slogan to be a household theme or symbol that everyone will recognize.