Literacy's Fragile Values

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Our perpetual search for new information or knowledge is mind-boggling. As we mature we are faced with different set of circumstances that dictate how we approach our yearning for literacy. Whether learning a new language, acquiring new skills, or embracing ideologies, it is without question a greater responsibility once we acquire them. Our newfound expertise can lead to regrettable lifestyles or a better career.

In the mid-1980’s, Manila is littered with mass actions calling for the ousting of the sitting president. Ideologies were a dime a dozen enticing young people to join and raise arms against the government. They catch young fragile minds at their peak of vulnerability. The exciting eye-opening doctrines seep into their inner being raising awareness for the country and their countrymen. Ideas and theories of the mind that are perfect in text and have no chance in coming into fruition. Yet, these young minds pursue the perpetual fight for change. I still have family and friends that are sacrificing, not only their lives but also their children’s lives, just to see the day their ideologies come to life. In the meantime, the whole world and countless of opportunities are often neglected.

These same ideologies spread like wildfire in the countryside. Opening the eyes and minds of the once illiterate farmers exposing that they are subjects to atrocities by the landowners. Landowners are often well connected and employ their private armies to curtail any threat to their interests. Hundreds if not thousands of lives were lost to “salvages” murder-for-hire death squads that eliminate farmers who are beginning to show signs of assertion. The farmers strive for the betterment of their quality of life by becoming learned and skil...

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... and supplies in lieu of toys. These gifts were in turn sent to the day care center in order for these children to share my son’s vision of literacy. To share literacy with kids his age is to share responsibility. We continue to do these simple books and supplies drive to support the children in the daycare. Seeing these children beam with pride, their eyes wide and as their smiles, and their eagerness exuding is an absolute fulfillment.

Whether one is an inner city kid, or a child of urban poor families in the Philippines, or a workingman or woman seeking a new career path, to seek a higher form of literacy is to take the responsibility on how the newfound knowledge is utilized. Literacy is sometimes taken out of context and used in a self-destructive means, however more often than not literacy facilitates our hopes and aspirations for a better quality of life.

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