The Influence of the Populist Platform on America

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After the civil war, especially during the late 1800s, the US industrial economy has been thriving and booming which reflected on the numerous improvements that occurred in transportation through new railroad, in new markets for new invented goods and in the increased farm yield. However, most of this wealth has been captured by the capitalists, they looked down on the working poor class and expected them to submit to them. Also, they had control over the government seeking to maintain a system of monopoly to allow them to grow richer from others. Thus, they were controlling both political and economic conditions of the country. Nevertheless, this social injustice was the reason that leads to the farmers’ Revolt, seeking to remedy their condition. In the late 1870s, an alliance has been founded in forty-three states that afterwards developed into a political party the populists. The party’s goal was to replace the democrats (capitalists) as the nation’s second party and being able to return the stolen privileges and rights of the poor producing class. By 1892 the party issued a document called the platform. It addressed the farmers’ nation and their conditions. Also, it “put forth a long list of proposals to restore democracy and economic opportunity”(Foner, 2013,p.642) and to create the social conditions of freedom. The smallholders (farmers) were in “the midst of a nation brought to the verge of moral, political and material ruin” (Foner, 2013,p.642). They have been faced by numerous struggles politically as well as economically. To begin with, they were denied the right to direct vote and choose a representative to remedy their problems. Corruption has manifested through the congress and legislatures. The capitalists hav... ... middle of paper ... ... referendum and recall to give the people a more direct voice in government that was been accomplished by issuing the 17 amendment declared primary elections among party member to select candidates for office. Finally, it is interesting how the farmers and working class in the 1870s were able to change a great nation; it is remarkable how such uneducated poor farmers were able to unite to form an alliance and then a political party to defend their rights. It may have short lived, but during its existence, the party did make some noteworthy influence on American politics inspiring generations after, it is remarkable how simple workers were able to set an ideal life and progressive ideas for a whole nation. References: Foner, E. (2013). Give me liberty! an american history. (Seagull 4th ed., Vol. 2, p. 708). Populists , party (1892). The populist's platform

In this essay, the author

  • Explains how sharecropping was a compromise of the farmers to land and the owners demand for discipline, which led to many conflicts and strikes, pushed the capitalists to deploy federal troops and militia units to break strikes.
  • Explains that the populist party's platform provided solutions to both economic and political problems. they called for a safe, flexible, national currency to be issued by the government.
  • Explains how the progressive era dawned on the american nation in the 1900s. progressives worked to establish public control of natural monopolies and improve public transportation.
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