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Literacy is defined as “the ability to use available symbol systems that are fundamental to learning and teaching for the purposes of comprehending and composing, for the purposes of making and communicating meaning and knowledge” (Stock, 2012), and it is one of the most essential skills that an early year student will learn. Literacy serves to provide the building blocks for the continued knowledge acquisition and general education of individuals of all ages; by working to understand and identify how and why literacy is taught using the structured literacy block format in Australian schools, and in identifying the benefits of utilizing this type of tool for teaching literacy in student’s early years, it will be possible to gain a better understanding of the organization, planning, and teaching approaches that are used in a literacy block approach. A sample standard literacy block will be provided, offering the means of understanding the applications of the tool, which will serve to further stress the necessity of this tool’s usage.
How and Why Literacy is Taught using a Structured Literacy Block
Literacy is taught using a structured literacy block due to the fact that “attempts to cover too many topics too quickly” have the tendency to “hinder learning” (Bransford, Brown, & Cocking, 2000, p. 58). The structured literacy block works to offer students the time that they need in order to learn the information presented to them while ensuring that students have the appropriate time needed to process the information that has been presented to them (Bransford, Brown, & Cocking, 2000). The structured literacy block approach is based off of the implication that “learning cannot be rushed” and that for learning to be effective, the inte...

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... being discussed, while others may predict what will happen next within the text (Structuring Your Literacy Classroom, 2011). The most important thing to remember is that within the basic format of the structured literacy block, the sky is the limit – as long as the teacher is able to justify the utilization of the tool, approach, or planning method that is used for the completion of a given activity within the block itself.
The structured literacy block serves to provide students with the targeted literacy education that they will need in order to flourish in life, allowing them the opportunity to fully process all aspects of learning in relation to the topics discussed. In so doing, they are able to create a comprehensive structural foundation that may be transferred across all subjects studied, affecting a greater understanding of all comprehensive matters.

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