Liberalism in Canadian Government

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Liberalism is the best ideology for Canada’s government and is a good combination of both Socialism and Conservatism. Liberalism takes the finer parts from both ideologies to create a better form of government. Canadians now have a choice in which ideology they like better by this compromised form of government. The centre of the spectrum and the equilibrium of government and individual ownership is the definition of Liberalism.

A good example of why Liberalism is the number one choice from most Canadians is public and privatized hospitals. Right now, Canada only has public hospitals that are free for everybody in need of medical assistance but require a health care plan. Public hospitals are paid by taxes, just like public education. The only downfall of publicized faculties is that they are normally very crowded, and you cannot always get help as fast. Private hospitals appeal more to people with money. People who are willing to pay the extra couple grand for faster and, some say, of better quality care. Since normally the best doctors would be working in their own pri...
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