Left-wing politics Essays

  • The Stability of the Politics of Weimar, Germany

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    The Stability of the Politics of Weimar, Germany The problems of 1919-1923 had gone with the aid of American loans. Weimar quickly found its economic feet for the first time in its history. In 1928 Germany had returned to pre-1914 industrial figures. An expanding job market, confidence restored in foreign investors and house & factory building were all indications of Germany getting its old strength back, and generally becoming more stable. Minority political parties were quiet during this

  • Guyana's Working Peoples Alliance

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    Political Revolutionary Associates), RATOON, the ASCRIA( African Society for Cultural Relations with Independent Africa) , and independent people constituted the ‘alliance’. The founding statement, representing of the new politics, cited the stand against race based election politics, violent political repression, the worsening economic conditions of the masses, cancerous corruption and denial of academic and press freedom, as factors in its formation. The coalition that comprised WPA also addressed

  • Guyana and the New World Group

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    that propelled critical changes in the electoral system, the PNC regime, facilitated by an alliance with the conservative United Force political party procured power in the 1964 elections13. New World Group The first open challenge to ‘formal politics’ was exemplified by the activities of the New World grouping in the early 1960s. Established in 1963, the New World group and estab... ... middle of paper ... ...ts revolutionary commitment to subversion of governments in Latin America and the

  • Ideological Confusion

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    Ideological confusion While Burnham and the PNC were experimenting with its foreign relations, the PPP had moved even further 'left' with its formal induction into the Communist International in July 1969. These developments were partially the result of that party’s increasingly pro Soviet stance, sealed and formalized with its public entry into the Soviet International in 1969. This was after Dr. Jagan returned from a Conference of Communist and Workers Parties in Moscow in the same year. Thereafter

  • Langa's Art Analysis

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    our understanding of what she prefers to call “social viewpoint, ” as opposed to “social realist,” prints by looking at them as multidimensional cultural artifacts. Her analysis is, therefore, informed by extensive research into the lives and/or politics of the artists who created the images included in the chapter, the social, political, and art historical milieu in which they were producing their works, and, ultimately, the reception(s) or potential reception(s) of the works by the different social

  • Obama the Marxist

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    believe? That has been one of the on-going debates since he burst upon the national political scene a scant four years ago. Political observers noted he was the most liberal member of the United States Senate and many believed he was a radical left-wing zealot if not an ideological revolutionary. The terms socialist, progressive, and Marxist were generally thrown about to describe the eloquent, little-known Obama as his unlikely quest for the presidency unfolded. After three years in office, it

  • French Revolution Dbq

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    Beginning in mid-1789, and lasting until late-1799, the French Revolution vastly changed the nation of France throughout its ten years. From the storming of the Bastille, the ousting of the royal family, the Reign of Terror, and all the way to the Napoleonic period, France changed vastly during this time. But, for the better part of the last 200 years, the effects that the French Revolution had on the nation, have been vigorously debated by historian and other experts. Aspects of debate have focused

  • Comparing The Success Of Italy's Failure Of The Campaign To Adawa

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    Italy in the late 19th century had a substantial left wing influence both in government and in popular opinion. These groups were highly opposed to colonialism. For example, a member of the Italian legislature, Menotti Garibaldi “scornfully reminded the Assembly that during the wars of independence ‘truly

  • The Influence of Pressure Groups on the Government

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    Books ----- Grant, W (1995) Pressure Groups, Politics and Democracy in Britain, Harvester Wheatsheaf Heywood (2002) Politics, Second Edition, Palgrave House of Commons (1985), First Report from the Select Committee on Members’ Interests, 1984/85, HMSO Jones et al (2004) Politics UK, Fifth Edition, Pearson Longman Smith, M (1995) Pressure Politics, Baseline Journals -------- Jackson, N (2004) Pressure Group Politics, Politics Review, September Websites -------- http://www

  • Social Care in the UK

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    came to the fore in the mid 1970’s as a result of a major recession and the reality of an economic crisis. The 1979 general election was won by the Conservative party led by Margaret Thatcher. Thatcher was prime minister until 1990 in a period of politics that came to be known as Thatcherism. Two key thinkers of the time were Milton Friedman and Friedrich von Hayek who saw ‘the free market’ as central to the success of Thatcherism and believed that government should concentrate on economic issues

  • Ten Key Values: The Green Party

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    association and ideas that cause mess in the They were question about who the members are and if it increased their membership that will translate into an increased vote share. The Green Party’s membership split into two main groups, the green and red wings. The former group made up of older members who have a historical commitment. The latter group seems to be the younger members, who are committed but combined with philosophy. The latter group is importance because the leadership attention on issues

  • Pros And Cons Of New Reproductive Technologies

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    After examining the issues raised in the debate I was left questioning why NRTS exist in the first place? Whose interest do they serve? Who won/lost and what was at stake? The reason I am focusing on these issues is because while I was reading the NRTS articles something stuck in my mind. In What Price Parenthood? Social and Ethical Aspects of Reproductive Technology by Paul Lauritzen there are some issues covered which seem to be left out of the class debate. The societal pressures to utilize

  • A Tender Hand In The Presence Of Death

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    as I’d miss for the rest of my life. I’d ask that the doctor give me some medication for pain mediation, and then I’d scrape together whatever energy I had and I’d go travel and live what was left of my life. Even if I didn 't want to travel or I was bedridden, I’d still opt to live the time that I had left for the reasons that it would allow people who are close to me to spend time

  • Excerpt Alternate Ending

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    Marcel was on his way to the banquet when he saw something that caught his eye. He was trained to look for these things, and as he walked over he saw it was a horse. The horse was small,brown, and shaggy. It looked like it was very hungry. “Are you okay girl” Marcel said. The horse obviously said nothing, but she turned to look at him and as she did, he saw a big cut on its back. “Don’t worry,” He said, “I’ll fix that.” The wound very large and hard to clean, but after a long few hours Marcel had

  • Oncale V. Sundowner Offshore Services Case Summary

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    In the presented case of Oncale v. Sundowner Offshore services. Inc., Joseph Oncale who is the plaintiff was an employee of Sundowner Offshore Services, Inc. the defendant. Oncale was a victim of continuous sexual, physical, and mental harassment by three of his co-workers, two of whom were in a superior position than him at work. He was working in a team containing eight men of which the three that were making his life miserable were part of. The three co-workers were humiliating and assaulting

  • Right Brain Rising Summary

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    the aforementioned field. Since the large majority of students pursue a serious career in some time span following high school, IO is everywhere in society. It is indirectly referenced near the conclusion of “Right Brain Rising” in correspondence to Left Directed Thinking and Right Directed Thinking. The author quotes “They tend to become lawyers, accountants, and engineers. Other people are more comfortable with holistic, intuitive, and nonlinear reasoning. They tend to become inventors, entertainers

  • Descriptive Essay: My First Surprise Party

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    right shoulder and is wearing a blue shirt with a drawstring tie in front. Laura has her arm around Erica Farnsworth, who has a yellow shirt and white jacket on. She looks especially happy; she is smiling from ear to ear. Starting in the left hand comer (in row two) are Chad Phillips and Caitlin Pollock standing together. Chad has his arms around Caitlin's waist. He has this cute little grin, and Caitlin has a huge smile and rosy red cheeks. Brittany Wilkins is next to Caitlin with a

  • A shot by shot analysis of a major scene in Hitchcocks Notorious

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    both of the main characters. They are shown seated at a table, with many empty bottles of liquor and glasses. 2.     Then a tight reverse over the shoulder shot of Devlin’s face (Cary Grant) is next. Devlin then proclaims: “There's one more drink left apiece. Shame about the ice.” 3.     Next the shot reverses again to another tight over the shoulder shot but of Alicia’s face this time. Where she asks a question about what Devlin says. Devlin then answers her question about the ice when the shot

  • Daughters of Edward Darley Boit by John Singer Sargent

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    Although the lights and darks work very well together with balanced contrast, I find the left side to be too heavy for the right. With the entire bodies of two girls, plus half of another, in addition to the very tall vase does not measure out against the smaller girl sitting on the floor and half of a girl in the back. What’s more is that none of the girls comes close to sitting near the right side, leaving the left side very weighty.

  • Conformity

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    According to Leon Mann, conformity means ‘yielding to group pressures’. Everyone is a member of one group or another and everyone expects members of these groups to behave in certain ways. If you are a member of an identifiable group you are expected to behave appropriately to it. If you don’t confirm and behave appropriately you are likely to be rejected by the group. Like stereotypes, conforming and expecting others to conform maintains cognitive balance. There are several kinds of conformity