The Government of Canada and Multiculturalism

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“Multiculturalism” entered public speech in the late 1960s and early 1970s in Canada that focused on unique cultural diversity, nationalities, and ethnicity across the nation. Multiculturalism and Immigration are important factors in the development of Canada to attain a strong multicultural example of economic stability, social and political growth which leads to the emergence of Canada’s identity and culture.
The artefact design indicates the deep understanding of Canadian Multiculturalism which helps to shape the nation. Many immigrants from different countries around the world bring their values, traditions, religious and cultural beliefs, clothes, food, entertainment and their knowledge. Multiculturalism benefits Canada’s society and boosts its economy while creating new jobs for other Canadians. Different ethnics’ origins live in different Canadian provinces and territories to match their sustainability needs and their lives.

On the other side, the Government of Canada, on the same date, replied:
The federal government is deeply concerned with protecting human rights, evolving new Canadian Identity, strengthening citizenship involvement, increasing Canadian harmony and participating in cultural diversity across the nation. These significant goals can help the policy of multiculturalism composed of four key objectives:-

1. The Government of Canada will support all of Canada’s cultures and allow resources to the immigrants who have demonstrated a desire and effort to maintain their own culture and identity.

2. The Government of Canada will provide assistance to members of all different cultural group origins to eliminate cultural barriers to full integration in society.

3. The Government will strongly advocate unique ...

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...hus, having multiculturalism as Canada’s biggest factor, demonstrates an example of the constant definition of a national ideology, education and training, language translation, and eliminate the important stereotyping factors in Canada.
In conclusion, multiculturalism and immigration are vital factors in the evolution of Canada to be a strong multicultural example of economic stability, social, and political growth. They have lead to the emergence of Canada as a nation. The Government of Canada pioneered the Multiculturalism and Immigrant policy which help immigrants to keep their cultures and religions, while, learning new opportunities such as a better education system and training programs for children, teenagers, and adults, better translations and interpretations for immigrants who are seeking work, and strive to live in a harmonious and peaceful country.
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