Lamar Advertising Company: Past, Present, and Future

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Billboards are a great way for companies to advertise their products to different publics. We see advertisements almost every time we drive somewhere, and billboards make advertising much easier for organizations to get their name out. Billboards are defined as, “A panel for the display of advertisements in public places, such as alongside highways or on the sides of buildings” (Farlex). In this paper I will explain the historical roots of the Lamar Advertising Company, who is all involved with this mass media vehicle, where the Lamar Advertising Company is at today with their business, and I will also explain what I have learned about mass media through this assignment.

In 1891, the Associated Bill Posters’ Association was credited with being the nation’s first association of advertisers. (Universe) This allowed the Lamar Advertising Company, formerly known as the Pensacola Advertising Company, to come about. The Pensacola Advertising Company was created by J.M. Coe in 1902. In 1905, Charles W. Lamar Sr. joined a partnership with Coe. (Universe) When they decided to end their three-year joint venture in 1908, a coin toss was used to divide their assets: the Pensacola Opera House and the Pensacola Advertising Company. (Lamar) The need that this small poster company met when it was first formed was to promote the upcoming events that were to take place in the opera house located in Pensacola, Florida, that they both had owned at the time. “Mr. Lamar lost the toss and was left with the less-lucrative poster company, which he renamed Lamar Outdoor Advertising Company” (Lamar). Unknown to Charles Lamar, this coin toss won him more than he could imagine at the time.

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...gressed over the years, and how they have dealt with the constantly changing technology. I now know that I really need to think hard about the advertisements that I consume, and really think about what the producer’s motives really are behind each advertisement.

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