Changes in the Advertising Industry

Advertising has been an essential source for aiding in global consumption. Individuals in society work to be able to spend their money, and advertisement play a big role in where money is being spent. Ads are very diverse and often consist of an array of fields in which consumers are targeted. Ranging from food, health, clothing, sports, image, lifestyle, etc. Ads provide important means of influence on our society. Ads often play the role of persuade people to come buy products from a specific distributor. On average an individual is exposed to 3000 plus more ads daily, via TV, Internet, print, billboards, etc. In the past decade though ads have drastically changed due to the ever-growing digital era we are living in. Digital technology has assisted in the industry making changes to accommodate our tech-savvy society. Changes in the advertising industry have occurred due to the adoption of the Internet, social media, television, and mobile technology.
The Internet has played a crucial role in the changes in the ad industry. Our society lives at a constant moving fast pace which the Internet accommodates. Through the Internet business have access to consumer information through their searches and are able to customize their ads towards a specific audience. An example consists of looking up cars on and later on going on amazon to buy something. Looking on the side while on you would see ads from about the cars you were searching. Internet surfers can interact with ads in greater capability, which allows them to benefit directly from the ads personalized message. This is important for ad agencies to continue in the future. Studying the market in which people surf the web and providing specific ads that...

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...ogy to get their materials across it will further aid in them transitioning to this digital era.
Advertising in the digital era has evolved and is continually adapting to the changes. Just like the print industry, music industry, television industry, they all have to conform to the digital era. Ad agencies that continue to use the Internet as one of its main sources will see continual growth due to the rises in users. Internet continues to fuel ads via websites, videos, applications, etc. Social media also will continue to help ad agencies grow with them establishing relationships with communities who fit the ads they are showing. Mobile technology will continue to grow and more people will gain access to smartphones. Ads on mobile will boost the business for ads and awareness of the ads. Advertising is a large business and will change more as the years continue.
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