The Evolution of Advertisment in The Persuaders

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The Influence of Advertising

Advertising is as old as civilization itself. They are forever interconnected. If one changes then so does the other. So as our society evolved dramatically by the influence of technology and social media, so did the way we advertised. With the power of technology, advertising gained the ability to be everywhere at once. These locations ranged from billboards, to projector screens that hang from skyscrapers, to even in your homes in the form of commercials. The evolution of advertising in the modern world is both somewhat disturbing and innovative at the same time.
The documentary film “The Persuaders” is a great film that captures the evolution of advertising. The film is broken up into six distinctive segments. Each segment can be viewed as a specific moment in time where advertisement evolved in order to survive in the fast paced society we live in. The film starts off with a crucial concept of standing out. The narrator mentions in the first few minutes of the film that companies are struggling to come up with new ideas for advertising. This may seem not so much of a big deal but, the narrator goes on to explain that as the years progressed, the number of advertisements increased exponentially. It had gotten to the point where people began to pay less and less attention to advertisements. One of the people interviewed for this film was Naomi Klien, author of “No Logo”. Naomi stated that consumers are like roaches, you spray them and spray them and after a while it doesn’t work anymore we develop immunities. Seeing the threat that this poses on them, many companies have tried numerous ways to break through what the companies call the clutter crisis. Their need to grab the attention of the advertise...

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...ducts regardless of the circumstances. “Most people are of two minds: As consumers and investors” (Robert B. Reich 2).

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In this essay, the author

  • Explains the evolution of advertising in the modern world is both disturbing and innovative at the same time.
  • Analyzes how the documentary film "the persuaders" captures the evolution of advertising.
  • Explains how advertisers came up with a revolutionary idea to switch from the traditional form of advertising, which consisted of revolving the advertisement around the purpose and effectiveness of the product, to the emotional impact that it has on people.
  • Analyzes how the film's third segment discusses the next step of advertising. companies created short stories for their products and hired famous actors and actresses to be in their commercials.
  • Explains katznelson, ira, mark kesselman, and alan draper's the politics of power: a critical introduction to american government.
  • Opines that capitalism is killing democracy. reich, b. robert.
  • Analyzes how companies took a psychological approach to get an edge in the field of advertising by consulting with market research guru clotaire rapaille.
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