Key Factors: The Content Perspective Of Motivation

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Content Perspective of Motivation
The motivation of employees is a crucial element in any organization. Employers should be able to implement all the strategies for motivation to increase the worker's performance. Motivation has a tremendous influence in the performance levels and productivity in any organization. An example of motivational ways is through rewards, promotion, job recognition and others. The key factors to motivation also can include such factors as useful communication, supervision, career progression, interpersonal relations, recognition, money and also control. These factors influence the healthy performance behaviors of employees (Healy, 2016).
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In this theory, human needs are classified into five groups. The classification starts from the bottom going upwards in a hierarchical order. We have physiological needs, safety needs, love/belonging, self-esteem and also self-actualization. The theory is based on the fact that in the workplace, employees are motivated to do their job due to the desire of satisfying their set of internal needs. In return, once the employee's domestic needs are met then they are motivated to work. According to Maslow, the need operates in conjunction with their primary principle (Moffett, et al., 2014). First, we have the principle that human beings have needs which influence their behaviors. That is, once the requirements of the individual are unmet then this can affect their behavior of working. Secondly, is that people, group their needs according to how crucial they are which is why we have basic needs and luxurious needs. The basic needs like food and shelter begin from the basic as they ascend to less critical needs. The last principle is that an individual can only move to the next level of requirements once the other level is least minimally satisfied. An example is that a worker will first ensure that the place he is working is safe before directing his attention towards achieving an allocated task success. The first needs called physiological needs which include things like happiness, sexual desire, desired sensory satisfaction, water, and other needs. These primary requirements need to be met so that an individual can concentrate on his/her duties effectively. If an individual is hungry or thirsty, then he will focus on those two things and not the work he is doing (Moffett, et al., 2014). So the Humana Organization provides their workers with improved salaries and wages so that they can fulfill their physiological needs. It also ensures that the employees are working in a safe environment with better

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