The Magic Formulae: The Concepts Of The Magic Formulae

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Nowadays, most products’ philosophy is people oriented and satisfies the needs of humans. But, what do people really need? We may not be able to really know. Because, when producers inculcate something into your brain, then it is hard for you to understand what you really want. Adorno said, “Individual needs have been so ruthlessly eliminated from the product that they have to be invoked like magic formulae to prevent the customer from becoming aware of the murderous ritual of which he is the victim” (Adorno 44). From my view, magic formulae are more than a dream provided by a producer. The joyous magic formulae will allow you to ignore what you really need and the true value of products. Then, what is the murderous ritual? I think that is…show more content…
It is undeniable that some commodities are specially and unique, but most of the commodities of especially for you have to be kitsch for fit business purposes and public demand. Adorno thinks, “the person whom something is specially produced is actually no more than a customer and his particular needs are no more than the interchangeable representatives of universal needs themselves generated by the product” (Adorno 43). Most of the special products are not special, and just wear a special coat. Such as limited edition and customization, customers think that these things satisfy their needs, actually they were mocked. These commodities advance the price through raise the value, but there are the same things. Or some people utilize the unique demands of customers on second sale through the form of auction, which raise prices again. The cynicism considers “the consumer that he has no influence over the product and that the producer take no more cognizance of his needs than the moon takes of the dog that barks at it” (Adorno 44). Human nature has an interesting characteristic that is the scarcity of products will be worth more. People are often interested in the things that are hard to buy, so sellers always use the customer psychology. For instance, I always hear “this dress is the last one and limited supply” when I was shopping. “Especially for you” products are actually the common products, and these are…show more content…
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs what is a “theory in psychology proposed by Abraham Maslow in his 1943 paper ‘A Theory of Human Motivation’ in Psychological Review” (m). This theory explains the general demands of person: Physiological, Safety, Love/Belonging, Esteem, and Self-actualization. We only fulfill the needs of the lowest level in order to fulfill the needs of the upper level. Physiological needs are the physical demand for human survival, such as drinking and eating. Safety needs are higher a grade than the physiological needs, which are include the demands of health or family safety. And then, we need friendship and love that are needs of love and belonging. We also need esteem like status, reputation, and personal value. Finally the highest level is the needs of self-actualization, human need to develop their potential in this level. Only people who understand this would not be murdered by “especially for

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