Job Analysis for Salesperson at Interclean

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Job Analysis for Salesperson at Interclean

At Interclean, our people give us our major competitive advantage( Our employees are a vital part of an organization that is continuously growing ( For the company to keep growing it is important that a job analysis be conducted to have the opportunity to make sure employees are in the jobs that fit them best, and if not to put them where they are best suited. Job performance and the interview method determined this job analysis. These two approaches were used to determine the primary functions of the job description for the sales force. The interview process is a very important part of the analysis due to the information that is provided by the employee. The type of information usually given in an interview from the employee is how productive the employee is, what type of personality they have and if they will be a team player. Through interview process the requirements for the job performance is built. The job performance method is an essential part of the analysis. It helps provide insight to the training that is needed and the development of tests for each employee.

Job Duties and Specifications

-Bachelor’s Degree required

-Customer Service skills necessary

-Must be knowledgeable in company products and services and must be able to understand client needs relating to the business.

-Leadership and Communication skills

-Achieve goals set by management.

-Organizational skills to achieve goals that are set forth each month

-Must be a team player

-Generate leads and thorough follow up

-Willing to educate self on competition to maintain competitive edge

-Time management skills

-Manage multiple clients

-Must know Powerpoint, Excel, spreadsheets, databases, word processing applications, and Office integration software

Development Plan for Sales Force

Talent Inventory

Employee Name and Current Position-Janet Durham,VP of Human Resources(Interclean) Prior Experience (Internal) 15 years in positions in sales and human resource

Prior Experience (External) Unknown

Strengths pragmatic and interested in using technology

Weakness loyal to long time employees and is a defender of status quo

Employee Name and Current Position-Tom Jennings, VP of Marketing (Interclean)

Prior Experience (Internal) 1 year as VP of Marketing

Prior Experience (External) Unknown

Strengths strategic system planning

Weakness lacks patience

Employee Name and Current Position-Sam Waters, Chief of Compliance (Interclean)

Prior Experience (Internal) 2 years a Chief of Compliance

Prior Experience (External) Unknown

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