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1. Briefly describe each of the four major challenges that Netflix faces. Which challenge will be the easiest to address? Why? The four challenges faced by Netflix are described below. 1) Netflix’s currently does not have a user friendly method for customers to stream videos onto television sets. Netflix is entering agreements with the manufacturers of game systems, blue-ray disc players, and televisions; to include software capable of streaming Netflix videos. 2) There is strong competition with other companies that offer video streaming at no extra charge. Additionally, Netflix and its competitors are attempting to enter the digital world. Digitally offering television shows is an area of competition that has previously been controlled by…show more content…
Managers should understand an employee’s skills and abilities to make an informed decision on whether or not to hire him. Once hired a manager uses skills and abilities as a deciding factor for an employee’s job placement within the corporation. Secondly, an evaluation of an employee’s personality helps the manager in his leadership approach of that employee. Thirdly, perceptions can be the deciding factor of whether or not a candidate is hired and or promoted. An individual perceived as fitting in may be hired to negotiate business deals. Particularly, if the individual shows a favorable attitude through actions and deeds and has strong values and behaves…show more content…
How are attitudes formed? Which source is stronger? Attitudes are formed from learning. Moreover, the effects of home life, school, religious experience, and peers can help develop an individual’s attitude. An example, a child that grows up in a home where parents distrust law enforcement officials may grow up to despise police officers and other authority figures. Trustworthiness is the strongest source because just being an expert does not mean that person is truthful. 4. What should managers know about the emotions at work? Managers should know that emotions are contagious if the boss has a smile his employees feel comfortable and free to smile. Whereas, a boss that is displaying anger makes the work place uncomfortable and a hostile environment. Generally, employees are responsible for their own emotional behavior but there are exceptions such as during times of tragedy. For instance, employees in Ferguson, Missouri may have been given time off during the recent riots because they would have understandably been upset by the unrest in the

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