Interpersonal Listening Essay

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Interpersonal listening: is the power to interpret things and to make healthy communication. A person that listens properly can transfer the accurate message to the specified person or to any receiver. If we listen properly we can effectively accomplish our assigned activities. Listening can prevent unnecessary mistakes. That is why people say, before you talk, think twice. If we listen to our family we can avoid some of the problems easily. If we listen to our friends, we canform good relationships. If we can listen to our groups, teams, and communities, we will be good leaders. When someone listens carefully until the speaker finishes, it helps the listener to get the whole message in order to answer any needed questions.There should be no worries of what to say after the speaker finished his /her speech. Sometimes being quiet is preferable. A good listener will make a good judgment.Listening skills also interoperates with verbal and non verbal communications which helps to receive messages sent by other people.…show more content…
Employers train their employees in order to be good listeners to their customers for better communication as well as for productivity. Business leaders know that listening is such an important skill to their employees, so it should be considered for each employee as an unshakeable foundation of success.
Interpersonal listening skills definition: are the life skills we use every day to communicate and interact with other people, both individually and in groups.

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