Customer Relations and Interpersonal Skills

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Customer Relations and Interpersonal Skills

In the food and Hospitality industry, Working with Colleagues and Customers is an important part of the job. Customer relations and interpersonal skills are the two most important skills that a person working in that industry will need to know about.

Customer relations techniques include a number of skills, such as effective verbal and non-verbal communication, ability to ask relative questions, to be attentive, knowledge of different people and cultures, knowledge of where services and products are available from, problem-solving and decision making skills. Customer relations involve understanding the local and international visitors' needs, providing appropriate service, and handling complaints and feedback.

Understanding the local and international visitors' needs involves catering for people from different cultures, backgrounds and upbringing's. For example, they might be from Japan where they are formal and punctual, or they might be from a Muslim upbringing where they fast between sunrise and sunset for the month of Ramadan. Through effective observing, listening and questioning, staff are able to accurately identify the customers needs and expectations. Staff should then ensure that these needs are met and exceed so the customer has an enjoyable time.

Providing appropriate service to the customer is needed because the customer might be allergic to some foods such as MSG, wheat, food colourings or dairy products. Good service personal have these attributes effective verbal and non-verbal communication, sensitivity to special needs and anticipation of unexpressed needs, offering courteous service, advice and information, promoting establishment and its products, and promoting the local area and its attractions,

Complaints are a good form of feedback. They're a few steps to follow in handling difficult situations. The first is to Focus and listen to the customer. The next is to be courteous and discreet, if possible take the customer away from others. Then suggest way(s) to fix the problem, if nothing can be done thank the customer for bring the problem to your attention. If you can't fix the problem go to somebody who can but stay there to make sure the problem is resolved. Then find the solution and implement it, then check the customer is happy and re-thank them for bring the problem to your attention. Last off all record the situation in your establishments logbooks.

Interpersonal Skills involve immaculate personal presentation, outstanding communication skills, initiative in social interactions and good teamwork skills. These skills can be honed through team and individual sports, public speaking, acting and debating.
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