Essay On Barriers To Effective Communication

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I graduated from butte college in 1997 with an AS degree in Licensed vocational nursing. I later decided to further my education in nursing and returned to college, I graduated with an AS degree in Registered nursing in 2002 from butte college. I am currently attending Pacific college to earn my BSN degree. Right after I obtained my LVN license I went to worked at Oroville hospital, I worked for Oroville hospital for one year, then I decided to make a change and I went to work for California Forensic Medical Group which is a subcontracted company for the Butte County jail and I have been there ever since. I am married and have 4 boys and 2 dogs. In my spare time I love to ride my Harley.
The topic I will be discussing is the importance
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• Lack basic communication skills include not making eye contact, not understanding people, not showing interest in the person, not being confident, not listening to the other person, not speaking in a clear manner, not using full grammar constructed sentences, talking in a loud manner or not loud enough, projecting bad nonverbal gestures.
• Lack of knowledge of the subject that you are discussing, if you do not understand the subject yourself you will not be able to discuss or explain the subject in detail this can lead to the person not being able to understand the information that is being communicated and can lead to
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• Listening is a big part of communicating well with others. Take time to carefully listen to what others are saying, and also take time to observe their nonverbal communications. A good listener does not interrupt the person while their talking. they make eye contact with the person speaking. they provide the speaker with their full attention, avoid unnecessary distractions, and try to understand the other persons point of view by being empathetic.
• Use communication skills effectively, use active listening by listening to the other person and paying close attention to what they are saying, asking questions and rephrasing what the person says to ensure understanding.
Nonverbal communication affects your how people communicate with you. When using nonverbal communication make eye contact when speaking to the person, this show you are focused on the person and the
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