Information Management Questions and Answers

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1) What does information management mean to you?

Someone has rightly said, "Information management is a bridge between users and technical implementers, between aspiration and reality, between what's unrealized and what's possible." Information drives the economy. If employees of an organization know the value of information based decision making, it can help the organization drive forward. Information Management is about learning the different aspects of information, technology and people. It is about understanding the user groups, their needs and making a useful product. It is more focussed on the future of technology, where the technology is going and less about the past of software development and building hardware as solution.

2) What will you do with this degree?

3) Why did you choose the MSIM program at the University of Washington Information School? How did you find us?

Two of my friends are studying Information Management in American universities, and I talked with them at length about MSIM programs. I began researching the possibility, and was charged up by the description of the industry-oriented course in the MSIM program at University of Washington, particularly because of its emphasis on experience-based learning: students get to work with real-world problems, and get ample opportunities to discover what they really want, and to build their profile and resume in that direction. Series of guest lectures and professors and their vast background really affords you lot of opportunities to get a bigger picture of the industry. Students learn strategic values of information in today’s global knowledge economy. I was excited to hear that we have to work on case studies, with offsetting twists and turns, which will help us learn to think from different directions in order to deal with unexpected issues. The MSIM program at University of Washington is globally focussed. I am excited about capstone project since it will help us to incorporate the academic side of things into practical application.

4) Please give an example of an information management project that you have done in the past, either in school or at work. If you have not worked on an information management project, please give a project idea you might be interested in working on in the future.

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