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1. Introduction

It is generally accepted that information is a vital commodity for the successful operation of today’s organizations. Nowadays modern business organizations are using computerized information systems in order to obtain such information. However as the technology advances rapidly the main issue is how can an organization should effectively use such an information system - which its management sometimes can be unpredictable - in order to effectively help the whole organization structure to improve and take the most out of it.
This report will try to analyze intranet and its impact on the use of information in organizations, as well as what actions an organization might take to make the most effective use of it.

2. What is intranet?

A lot of definitions have been given about the meaning of intranet. Non-technical management define it as “anything that runs on the internal network”, while software engineers (developers) define it as “a client-server application developed using Web tools that runs in an internal network” - -
Initially the intranet was used fundamentally for sharing information such as policies, procedures and forms. However, the next intranet generation creates a collaborative medium that provides users quick, comprehensive access to everything their jobs require – files, programs, and people, both inside and outside the organization – while capturing and managing each person’s work so that others in turn can find and use it.
Fundamentally the most basic intranet applications in use today - - are:

- Deliver internal BBS – and corporate – information sources, such as phone directories, HR databases, forms, and discussion threads.
- Offer a foundation for moving information among offices and departments, whether around the corner at the same site, or across sites on a private internet.
- Support day to day business functions, such as sales tracking, order processing, delivery status, etc.

3. Technology surrounding intranet

Network infrastructure: Network connections on every desktop.
Hardware platforms: This is usually based on the existing platform used in the organization. For example, an NT-based organization will probably select a server with an Intel Processor while a Sun Micro system Inc shop will pro...

... middle of paper ...

...ions such as: why an intranet is a crucial tool for geographically – scattered groups, how to change user behavior and increase intranet usage, what security issues do appear when implementing intranet systems and what can be done.
At the end the reports examines the socio-technical approach, which approach connects four aspects (people, organization, technology, tasks) and examines their inter relationship when implementing information systems to organizations.
At the end of the report the writer comes out with his conclusions and recommendations.

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