Indoctrination of Children into Religion

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One of the most discussed topics in the modern world is children indoctrination into religion. Children aren't developed enough to decide in what to believe or disbelieve. Everyone is born without believing in a religion until it is either forced on them or they are developed enough to decide if one of the religions ''works'' for them or not. Mostly, parents are the most influential part in a child life. They decide what a proper education is to their successor and they impose their ideas to their child.
The world is diverse and people are grown in different cultures practicing various traditions. So, it might be easy for every one of us to judge someone else in a foreign opinion. But we must consider the fact that our opinions are wrong in someone’s way of living. In the same circumstances we can discuss about religion, analyzing its impact in different countries. Is it beneficial to indoctrinate children in religion since they are immature and they do not know what is right or wrong?
Every human being has its divine right to make his own decisions unaffected by outer influences. But can a child make such an important decision as what to believe in since he is immature? Of course he can’t, but the society has a duty to ensure the child a good education system, which will help him to be independent on further actions. Indoctrinating your offspring to religion might be considered as an abuse, not in physical context but it is preventing the child to be grown in a proper way and it is impeding his/her freedom.
Why do the majority of people across cultures and throughout history believe in gods?
One way to address this question is to look at why it is that children acquire beliefs in gods. If an idea cannot be easil...

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...ld is. And that is why children must be indoctrinated since in early ages, because they are immature and can be deceived easily. This is the idea behind the Jesuit maxim, “Give me a child until the age of seven and I will give you the man.”
What kind of “truth” is it that must be taught before people are mature? This is a very poor stand-in for truth.
Many Christians agree that Christianity needs to train immature brains to survive in future generations. If they accept it, what can they say about their famous claim that god exists and he controls everything? Well, that is another topic to be discussed and I will not consider it worthy to disagree someone’s beliefs since I respect the right to think what you want and to not impose the truth. So must they quit indoctrinating children, leaving them free to think what they want after being enough educated and matured.
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