Essay On Religion And Religion

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Religion plays an enormous role in the history of mankind. Wars have been fought over it, lives have been surrounded by it, and it has directly or indirectly shaped the lives of many individuals. Culture and religion play a large role in developing each other. People’s religion is decided by their culture. The prominence or the lack of religion will develop someone’s religious identity have play a core role in determining what that person believes.
Religious backgrounds be we meshed with culture. Religious identities have consistently held three things to be true: ethnicity, gender, and generational differences.
First of all, when forming one’s religious identity, gender plays a role. Typically, females are more likely to make religion an
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A child only knows what it is taught, so if a child is only taught that their religion is the correct religion, they will believe that only their religion is correct. Children acquire the concept of religion before they can even think on their own. Children start going to church pretty much once they are born, that is if their family is religious. They are preached the stories of their religion from a very young age. So they learn to accept the stories, no matter how extreme the stories are. People believe what they’ve been surrounded by their entire life. They are told that there is a God and they don’t have the knowledge to question it, so they believe it. God then becomes unquestionably accepted, like waking up every day is. Ideas that are formed young typically have a great influence throughout a person’s life, this is why religion targets children at such a young age. Children are encouraged to come to church and participate in gatherings for young kids. It is easier to convince a naïve child than an educated adult.
Fear is another driving force that push people toward religion. Religions have punishments for non-believers. Using Christianity as an example, if people don’t believe in God, they go to hell for an eternity. So religion uses the fear of being punished if someone is a non-believer as a way to recruiting someone to become religious. The fear of eternal punishment keeps many within the fold of
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