Essay On Morality And Morality

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Morality is the ability to distinguish what is right or wrong. It guides the individual on differentiating good and bad behaviors. Moral people make the proper decision in their actions. On the other side, immoral people tend to work against the set law. Morality indicates the relevant code of conduct about a certain aspect. It defines a particular religion or culture believes as good or bad. Religion is a group of people who follow a certain system of faith and worship. In addition, religious groups have common beliefs (Geyer and Roy 2). For example, Christians believe in living a faithful life to please their God. Religious leaders play a better to educate the members concerning what is bad or wrong. Therefore, there is a strong relationship…show more content…
Sometimes religion defines what is good or wrong. For a Christian religion supports people should love one another. Therefore, it influences people to understand the importance of staying together. In addition, other religions define the value and framework that helps in identifying what is bad or right. They teach the concepts of good thoughts and deeds in the society. The structures are defined in relevant resources like holy books such Quran and the Bible. In other groups, morality and religion are inseparable because moral behaviors are parts of their beliefs. Religious leaders act as an example to the members of the community. Also, some religious families where the forefathers were morally upright, individuals in the same background tend to support good morals (Doetzel…show more content…
In schools, the teachers use various ways to educate the children on spiritual matters in consideration of the children's diverse cultures (Geyer and Roy 9). This way they get to learn about morality and religion. Also at the national level, some spiritual virtues are normally used to stop misleading behaviors among youth. For example, abuse of drugs can be regarded to be wrong in community with a religious background, and this can be constitutionalized to improve morality in society. In line with that, bad behaviors among the young ones can be stopped by reinforcement of moral virtues in an institution; this helps to curb regretful results such as murder (Geyer and Roy 9). Logically, everyone loves being treated well and with respect because this brings out internal peace and a sense of fulfillment. This being the pillars of religion, it as well applies in morality was disrespecting and hating another person is regarded as improper. When religion is ignored, morality cannot be upheld, leading to high rate of law breaking behaviors such as robbery, shop lifting, and rape cases (Jagodzinski
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