The Importance Of Child Education

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America is a land of opportunities and freedom. Many people in other nations have a dream to live an American life. However, America is falling down in academical performance compare to other developed countries. In the international test among the developed countries, American students rank 17th in reading and 31st in math (Goldstein). Children are the future of this nation and it is in their hands to keep America one of the powerful nation forever. However, it is the parents ' responsibility to make their children future successful because home is the first school for children. Children learn from parents, society, and their peers. According to Amy Chau, a professor at Yale law school, “to get good at anything you have to work, and children…show more content…
Parents need to be involved more in children education and their life. In the United States of America, parents focus more on their job than on their children. For that reason, parents are not getting enough time to work with their children and be involved in their school activities. According to “Parental Involvement in Schools”, “Students with parents who are involved in their school tend to have fewer behavioral problems and better academic performance”. Another problem in the United States is that people come from different countries. Therefore, their primary language is not English. Not knowing the language of the country where we are living is the biggest struggle. The study shows that the students’ whose parents do not speak English and from low-income families are less involved in school activities such as parents meeting, scheduled meeting with teachers, school or class events, and volunteered or serviced on the community (Parental Involvement in School). If the parents are not keeping track of what is going on with their children academical performance then their children are not going to achieve desired academic success like other nations. Also, Chua has written in her article that western parents worry more about their children self-esteem rather than their education. On the other hand, Chinese parents believe that they know best for their…show more content…
For example, most of the American believes that supporting their children choices and encouraging them on what they want to do is wise. However, it is not helping today’s younger generations to achieve what they can. In the study shows that over past years self-confidence among the American students is increasing, but the education achievement is decreasing. According to Willam Kremer, over 15,000 journal articles have examined the relationship between the high self-esteem with real life success. The result shows that the high self-esteem leads to very few positive consequence. In other nation like China, most of their children are under control by their parents. For example, Chua says in her article that her daughters are not allowed to be in school pay, attend a sleepover, have a playdate, watch TV or play a video game and they are not allowed to choose their own extracurricular activities. However, many American parents will disagree with Chua parental style because Chua was raised up by the different culture. What Chua believes in is the result of how she was raised. Here in America most of the people believe in happiness is what really matter. For example, according to Hanna Rosin, a contribution editor at the Atlantic, in her essay, she says that “success will not make you happy” (149). Different culture has different views of

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