Individual Culture Versus Society Culture

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Although living in a multicultural society might bring disadvantages like isolation and racial judgements, the benefits are more powerful resulting in an adapting society where individuals are free to live any culture. When an individual has a culture than the prevailing society they can be affected in either a positive way or a negative way. There have been in many instances were people change their culture due to joining the societies culture and others just use the culture for benefits like in Mukherjee's essay. In other occasions individuals have been exposed to racism due to them being from another culture that does not accommodate to their society. With all these diverse cultures in America individuals should respect every persons culture and look at the bright side not mattering culture.
Individuals tend to adapt to a societies dominant culture because they are the ones in another culture. As time goes by the individual starts to forget about their culture and start to be accustomed to other culture's habits. When people do change cultures it is sometimes because they have many benefits of joining that culture. In Mukherjee's essay, “Two Way to Belong in America” Mukherjee and her sister Mira come to the United States from a wealthy side of India to pursue their goals but Mukherjee ends up adapting to the society and loves it meanwhile Mira hates it and wants the benefits that it comes with, then depart to another culture is not noticeable and before you know it you are doing what others are doing. Mira just wants to become successful and after her retirement she seeks to go back where she was born in India and receive her Indian Citizenship meanwhile she became an American citizen to gain all the American benefits.

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... of them because people immigrate here for a better chance in life. Having a multicultural society brings us many opportunities to get to know others and where they come from. We also get to show others our culture and this can bring a great relationship between friends. There are many people that are now friends with others from another culture and they actually enjoy hanging around with them and sometimes even eating or doing activities from another cultures. People should see that having a multicultural society gives us more positive situations than negative ones. There has been many instances were people from other cultures do amazing things for the United States and if we treat them a bad way they will not try to do good in the society and flee back to their place. With respect to any culture you can meet really good people in the world causing a united world.
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