Jo-Ann Pilardi's Immigration Problem Is About Us Not Them?

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The author, Jo-Ann Pilardi accurately writes about immigration in her article “Immigration Problem Is about Us, Not Them.” All Immigrants, whether they are legal or illegal know that having the chance to live in America, is a dream come true or in other words, “a chance in paradise.” America is known for its opportunities. Immigrants came to the United States for a very significant purpose. Their purpose and goal is to take advantage of the opportunities in the land known as, “the land of opportunity.” Immigrants did not come here to damage the country or to over burden its inhabitants. That author states, “Many of our political leaders talk hard line about immigration reform even though they know our country is mired in its demand for the…show more content…
The critics argue that significant numbers of illegal immigrants harm the economy by displacing low-skilled natives, and depressing the wages but in reality, who works in farming occupations? Who works in cleaning occupations? Who works in food preparation occupations? Last but not least, who works on constructions and countless other heavy and dangerous jobs? The immigrants do. If one is truthful and honest, he/she will agree with one on that. The majority of the native Americans do not like to work on these jobs. As for some of the companies, it will be tough for them to sustain without illegal immigrants. According to Peter Katel in his article “Illegal Immigration,” it states that, “Indeed, some sectors of the economy might have a hard time functioning without illegal workers,” which supports Pilardi’s stance. The other aspect is that illegal immigrants have positive effects in the U.S economy by decreasing consumer cost. Most of the illegal immigrants came to the U.S to fill the secondary labor market; therefore products and services become cheaper because illegal immigrants work for lower wages, thus providing a kind of subsidy to American consumers. Nadadur Ramanujan in his article “Illegal Immigrants” states that, “Because illegal immigrants serves to allow businesses to minimize their cost of production in the secondary sector, it positively impacts income of all native workers by decreasing…show more content…
It is true that the more people from different cultures that are in a given area, the more the cultures are diversified. However, with all realities, some claim that immigrants dilute the American culture. Indeed, they cause some changes to the culture. Nevertheless, these changes can bring a wealth of attraction and a source of beauty for the country that everyone should be proud of. It is obvious that every single immigrant in the US has his own culture and way of life. When all these are added together, they form a very rich culture. In addition, they bring various interesting aspects such as food, music, literature, etc. That makes the Americans rich in cultural knowledge. The importance of cultural diversity is that it teaches the people to understand each other’s views, interests, and ideas and helps people view the world in different ways. This would finally lead the society to work towards each other’s interest, mutual goals, and objectives. Tamar Jacoby in his article “Are Today’s Immigrants Assimilating in U.S Society, Yes,” he said that, “Those who are coming now are people who understand cultural fluidity, understand intermarriage and find that a natural, easy thing. This maintains unity and balances in the society” (411). Once this stage is reached, all the problems would be solved. Then it can be said that America has reached a true democracy, echoed by

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