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The Importance of Teaching Leadership The four major studies in education are Math, Science, English, and History. Students learn how to diagram a sentence, solve for x, name an element on the periodic table, and learn about the causes of the Civil War. These principles are taught to students from kindergarten to senior year. However, there are some important lessons some students are missing. Learning leadership is often neglected from the curriculum, forgotten in the standards, and overlooked by many educators. The study of leadership is far too important to be dismissed from education. The future of our community, country, and world depends on the future leaders and their skills. Unless leadership is modeled, demonstrated, and the opportunity…show more content…
It is urgent that teachers recognize the positive leadership traits from students and the correct the negative traits. David K. Ferguson from Andrews University said, “The problem for most is that if we wait to teach leadership lessons until ignorance and bad habits have calcified, we make implausible deconstruction a requirement, even if those truths are quickly understood and desired.” (Ferguson). Teachers cannot wait any longer, the time to start educating the students on good, positive leadership is now. As leadership studies are continuously neglected, there is more time for negative leadership traits and bad habits to be formed. There is a “…sense of urgency and commitment is palpable” (Snook). Time cannot be wasted, the youth of the United States need to learn leadership skills before it is too…show more content…
In an article titled “Today’s Students Need Leadership Training like Never Before” Richard Greenwald said this about the importance of teaching leadership to all the students. “Graduates of leadership programs may not be crowned leaders as soon as they get their diplomas, but ideally they will have the skills to lead tomorrow 's generation and to thrive in the new economy” (Greenwald). It’s clear that the leadership skills given to students will help them later on in life. Teaching leadership helps people solve problems more effectively, communicate better, and have “responsible decision making…” skills (Lewis). By allowing every student the same opportunity to broaden their leadership skillset, explore new techniques, and guiding them along the path to becoming leaders that are more effective, the reward will be improved leaders that are capable of handling daily life situations. The nation needs leaders that are more knowledgeable, and teachers have the power to help create future leaders and provide them with the information and examples to learn

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