Music Honor Society Case Study

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1. What personal traits and/or past leadership experiences would indicate your leadership potential and enable you to be an effective officer for Music Honor Society? What do you feel is the role of an officer in Music Honor Society? Throughout the years of being a student at Council Rock, I have come to the realization of what a true leader is. A leader is not someone that just plans events, collects money, or shows up to meetings. Rather, this is someone that has a true connection with their peers, and has unmatched passion for what they do. With this, I can confidently say that since seventh grade, as a young adult, I have been shaped into an individual that fits these traits. Since that time, I have been involved in student government,…show more content…
The answer to this question comes down to timing of the situation. If there were still enough time to gain credits during the remainder of the school year, I would work with the senior to determine if they are able to earn the required amount of credits for the remainder of the school year. Hopefully, this would be the situation that the officer would be presented with. On the other hand, the situation could move in a different direction. If the senior is bringing this issue up in late May or early June, the answer would be different. If this person has not participated in Music Honor Society activities and has not shown ample efforts to be a good member of the club, then they are not worthy of receiving a chord. A person like this is likely to have seen the Music Honor Society as something that they can include on a college application. If this is the case, the Music Honor Society has served its purpose for them and they would not receive a chord for graduation. The only exception to this answer would be if there were an extenuating circumstance that prevented the senior from gaining the proper amount of credits. This could be loss of a loved one, family hardship, or medical circumstance. The senior would have needed to come forward with proper documentation of this issue in order to have worked something out with the officers and advisors of the Music Honor

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