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Nursing Models Nursing theories are significant to the nursing practices since they offer assumptions, hypotheses, and ideas which can be utilized in different situations of patient care. The models provide a wide range of conceptual structures that nurses can base their practices. This paper shall discuss two nursing theories including Betty Neuman Systems’ Model and Roy Adaptation approach about their application on patient care. The theories are described in detail and compared regarding the nursing metaparadigm which comprises of person, environment, health, and nursing (Branch et al. 2016). The models shall also be applied to a clinical scenario which is also illustrated in the paper. Indeed, the nursing theories help in enhancing better…show more content…
According to the theory, the role of nursing care is to enhance compliance as well as life expectancy. It bases its arguments on the nursing metaparadigm concepts including, person, environment, health, and nursing. The Roy’s model views the person as a bio-psychosocial being in constant interaction with the changing environment. The environment comprises contextual, focal, and residual stimuli. Health is an expected dimension of human life while nursing is defined as a science and adaptation of scientific knowledge into the practice of a nurse. Roy illustrates that nursing is to enhance adaptation. Besides, Roy proposes a problem-solving method in the process including, Diagnosis, Goal Setting, Planning, and Intervention and evaluation (Ursavaş, Karayurt, & İşeri,…show more content…
Nursing is a practice that is influenced by the constant changes in the environment. Different patients require varying techniques of care and environments to achieve enhance the stability of the patients. Therefore, adaptation is critical in nursing practice. Besides, it is significant to apply the scientific knowledge to develop best patient care approaches to the person as well as create a conducive environment to enhance better health and well-being. Conclusion Nurses can utilize either the Roy Adaptation Model or the Neuman System’s Model in addressing the well-being of the patients in ICU. These theories are significant since they employ and address the nursing metaparadigm concepts. Individuals experiencing delirium in ICUs’ depend on the environment and nursing practices to recover good health. The two models indicate the need to utilize nursing knowledge to enhance patients’ health stability. However, the Roy Adaptation Model is the most efficient since it allows adaptation, particularly in a changing

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