The Importance Of Social Wellness

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Social wellness is the ability for an individual to interact with people around them. I am a very social and outgoing person. Everyone that knows me, realizes that I talk a lot. I have very good communication skills with people. Anytime someone approaches me, I want to make them feel comfortable talking to me and carry on a conversation. I have many various friends that I have created meaningful bonds with. My roommate and a fellow teammate is from the same time as I am. Her and I were mere acquaintances back in high school. However, now that we have gotten in college, we are inseparable. She truly is one of my true best friends and I am very satisfied with the fact of how close our relationship is! I respect myself as well as others around…show more content…
I have the ability to balance work and time to relax. It is very important to me that I do what I love and love what I do. When an individual is doing what they are meant to do, they realize their potential and purpose in life. I feel that this correlates to me in my life now, because I chose to come to Limestone to play softball and get an education as a Health Care Administrator. I am satisfied everyday in both of these important goals and reward myself for the accomplishments that I achieve to reach those goals. I one-day hope to contribute my skills and talents to my work that will be rewarding to me and people I work for. I hope to attain job satisfaction and many other important components needed for my path to becoming successful in the…show more content…
I have always had the ability to open my mind to new ideas and experience different things. Then, I apply that to make personal decisions and create a desire to learn new things, improve skills and find challenges. Throughout the day, I think about a wide range of things. Thinking expands my knowledge, skills and aids in discovering how I can share my thoughts to others. Anything to do with mental growth is great to me. Things like science and math amaze and intrigue me, which is why I think I am so good at both of these subjects. Overall, I am a curious person, making myself believe that I achieve intellectual

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