Importance Of Education In Moral Education

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The role of education in Moral development is very significant. In the present schooling scenario, moral education is confined to teaching values and morals. But the aim of education is not just to teach these values and morals. It must aim at the moral development of the child. Therefore, one must have a clear understanding of what must be included in moral education and how should it be implemented. In this essay, I will argue the importance of education in the moral development of a learner through three ideas. Ideas of care, ideas of self-understanding and ideas of rational practice.

As sentient beings, human beings have a natural tendency to care and to be cared for. This tendency makes us think about the idea of caring. Caring can …show more content…

This does not mean that caring is something that is only concerning one particular gender. Ethic of care is not just meant for women. Caring comprises lot of tasks and values that were associated with the actions of women, in the long history. But speaking from today's point of view where Gender equality as a topic is attaining more emphasis day-by-day, the act of caring is not limited to women. Therefore, both boys and girls are supposed to have proper awareness about care, carer and cared-for. The relationship between carer and cared-for is a relationship of mutual responsibility. This responsibility should be taught to children through proper moral education. Moral education from care perspective has four components. Modeling, Dialogue, Practice and …show more content…

This includes knowledge, attitude, feelings virtues, skills, disposition and relationships. He says that moral life is about practical reason. Here moral life is based on rational practice and not about certain fixed principles. In order to have proper clarity about moral education, it requires the development of moral reason that must be established through various forms of rational practice. Therefore, principles alone cannot decide moral life. It is based on personal and social virtues. Therefore, moral life is a life of rational practice, practice developed to satisfy human wants and

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