Community Work Essay

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Community service has become a requirement for an eighteen year old student to get admitted in an university or to pursue a paying job. Although I am involved in many community service, I personally believe that it should not be a requirement. A student should desire to work voluntarily. He or she should not be forced to perform the community service to make their college application look better. There are several learners who are against volunteering. The high school students have various things to see and learn. They should be able to help others by their own choice. They should not perform it just to graduate. Pressurizing can lead to have short-tempered apprentices which is not good. I admit that I began volunteering to make my application look best so that I can get admission at the best colleges like Harvard University, Georgia Institute of Technology, and Stanford University. Also I thought that I would make a better impression in comparison to others. As I started functioning it, I realized that I wanted to help others not because it was needed. I wanted to help them b...

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