Volunteering Changed My Life

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Community Service is a great opportunity to make a difference in the area you live in. There are so many ways to volunteer. Some people are given chances to do community service when they need to pay off fines for tickets. Most people simply do because they love getting involved. It’s their way of making the community a cleaner, healthier place. Tutoring kids is one type of community service. I can say from experience teaching kids to learn is a great feeling. I know because I’ve been tutoring kids for almost seven months. You’ll be surprised how it makes you feel. To have one of your students’ parents thank you because there child has never been able to make an “A” in there reading or math class. Just hearing those words lets me know that I am already making a difference. The place that I volunteer at is Casa De Amigos and the children that go there really look up to you. Yes you’re helping them to be able to reach their goals but you’re also teaching them that helping the community can change so many lives. There are many activities that will help the community. Another way that I have experience is picking up trash. This one is very important because you are helping the environment and town that you live in. So why not help your environment to be able to apply for a scholarship. It’s also a fun way to meet people that enjoy making a difference. Picking up trash is one of the most common types of community service. There are so many volunteers a day picking up trash in their neighborhood and all around town. To be able to get involved all you do is call the Midland City Department and they will be glad to guide you where to go so you can help our community. Another service that I have done has been to volunteer at the West Campus Hospital gift shop. It was a great experience for me; if I had the time I would make the effort to volunteer again. For people that is good at socializing with others and love organizing I would recommend volunteering at the gift shop.

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