Importance Of Being Professional

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We are not professional immediately. I think it is an attitude that develops over years of experience and learning. Surely, we can find the key in our school books, but for me, the experience is learned on the ground, watching and listening to a real professionals. It is not enough to have a nice suit and a nice tie to be a professional in our field. Being professional is the way you behave in your work. For me, right professionals have several important features that can be applied in any company. Being professional means managing a set of professional situations, most of which are characterized by their complexity. The appearance - Must pay a particular attention to our appearance. For that you need to know the requirements of your company's dress code. For example, in the department for which I worked, I was in …show more content…

It should inspire confidence, but never be transparent. Always keep your calm, even if you face tense situations. Being faithful and loyal - As a professional, you can count on me. Always respond to people quickly and sincerely follow your promises at all times. Ethics - We have absolutely to follow a code of ethics (conduct). Even if your company does not have one, a professional should always have perfect behavior. These values can be applied personally and professionally. Improving skills - To be a good professional, you have to become the best in your job. For example pursuing your studies when you already have a job, attend refresher seminars, …. Keeping the control - In any situation, it is vital to keep your self-control. Even if a customer, colleague or a manager talks to you in a belligerent way, you should not use the same type of behavior. Be responsible – The error is human, but a professional is still responsible for his/her actions and when he/she makes a mistake, he/she should try to solve it if possible. Never accuse a colleague of your

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