The Importance of Professionalism at Work

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Professionalism is defined as one's conduct at work. The quality of professionalism is not restricted to those in occupations with high level of education or high earnings. Any worker regardless of their level of education or occupation should demonstrate a high level of this trait (, 2013). Acting professionally at workplace makes others think of you as reliable, respectful, and competent. Professionalism, however, can take on many different forms which depend on where you work and the type of job responsibility you have. There are few common traits when it comes to being professional (Monster, 2013). This includes being Competent. This traits means that you are good at what you do – and you have the skills and knowledge that enable you to do your job well (Monster, 2013). Also it encompasses self-awareness, self confidence, and social skills. Competent person should display leadership skills, decision-making abilities, team work skills and ability to inform others of needed information. He or she is always up to the requirements of one’s profession and also able to seek out resources when necessary to stay competent (, 2013). Lack of competency in workplace will affect the way the … Reliability is another good trait of professionalism. Being a reliable person implies that your co-workers can depend on you when you show up on time, and submit your work when it’s supposed to be ready (Monster, 2013). Reliable person will always take responsibility and maintain accountability of what she or he is doing (, 2013). Showing up late for work or meetings gives the impression that you don't care about your job so make sure you pay attention to the clock. Not only does this go for start times, but th... ... middle of paper ... ...rieved in Dec. 3, 2013 from Monster (2013). Ten Ways To Be Professional at Work. Retrieved in Dec. 3, 2013 from (2013). (Orangeburg Calhoun Technical College). Professionalism in the workplace: Learn the basic traits and practices of successful professionals (TRiO Program Student Support Services). Retrieved in Dec. 3, 2013 from South University (2013). Healthcare Professionalism: How Important is Proper Bedside Manner?. Retrieved in Dec. 3, 2013 from
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