Importance Of Baking

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The Baking System

Baking is everything you’ll ever need. Sweetness, spice and everything nice, oh and don't forget SUGAR!!!!. Sugar is the best thing about baking. Of course I would think that because I am sugar. But don't get me wrong, just because I'm sugar does not mean i'm sweet some foods say I'm more bitter the lemon and lime juice. Since you're here I might as well tell you all I know about baking, Because I know far more than you. For instance, I know the importance of each ingredient main ingredient you put into a pastry. I also know the science behind each ingredient and finally, what would happen if you take one of the ingredients out of the mix. Because my knowledge is far superior to yours I'll enlighten you.

What Is the Importance of each main
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Now that we know what each ingredient can do let's see sir chemical reactions to the other ingredients. When Flour is heated, the starches absorb water and begin to swell. Salt is a chemistry/ substance created by the reaction of an acid with a base. It contains elements of sodium and chlorine. Now that all the weird molecu stuff is out the way I can tell you the actall chemical reactions. Salt helps dough hold carbon dioxide gas more effectively. Luckily sugar has no bubbly chemical changes, good I don't want to be apart of that stuff anyway it's weird. Baking powder on the other hand, loves chemical stuff and has a bunch of chemical reactions. For instance, baking powder reacts with acid-forming ingredients to make carbon dioxide. It's sounds ridiculous, I know right, but what can you do. The chemicals in baking powder react with air and liquid to create carbon dioxide gas. Tiny air pockets of carbon dioxide become trapped in the flour mixture the bubbles expand letting the mixture rise.

What would happen if you messed up the
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