The Importance Of Sugar

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It’s sweet, adds flavor to almost all its counterparts and is found nearly everywhere you go. For centuries, sugar has been satisfying the sweet tooth of individuals across the globe. But what exactly is sugar, and how does it affect our bodies? The answers to questions vary greatly depending on the type of sugar. Refined, white sugar and raw, natural sugar are not created equally. So what exactly is sugar? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, sugar is, “a sweet substance usually in the form of white or brown crystals or white powder that comes from plants and is used to make foods sweeter.” This is the definition most of us know to be true of sugar. It doesn’t really tell us what sugar is though. It doesn’t explain what the crystals…show more content…
These natural sugars are carbohydrates called glucose and fructose. According to the article A Glossary of Natural Sugars & Added Sugars Glucose, glucose is a “‘simple’ sugar naturally found in all foods that have carbohydrate. Starch (e.g., in potatoes, pasta) is many glucose molecules linked together. Another simple sugar, fructose is often called “fruit sugar” because it’s the main type of natural sugar in fruits (and honey).” These sugars are found in sugar beets and sugarcane as well, but after the long refinement process, they become stripped of the proteins, vitamins and minerals that help your body break them down. The refined sugar, or table sugar as its commonly known, is referred to as sucrose. Sucrose is made up of both glucose and fructose. When consumed, your body will use the glucose as energy first, and any energy left over from the fructose will then be stored as fat…show more content…
Refined sugars are not only found in the form of small, white crystals used in baking sweets. They are not only found as added sugars to such items as pasta sauce and deli meat. As I mentioned earlier, sugars are carbohydrates and come in all forms, including wheat flour, which is used to make such foods as breads, muffins, pizza dough, pasta and crackers. Consider trading in these “white” starches for whole-wheat starches, which don’t increase our blood sugar levels nearly as much. Many pastas and crackers today are made with brown rice, and you can hardly tell a difference in taste. Many grocery stores offer alternatives to refined, white table sugar. If you’re looking to sweeten your coffee or need to make a birthday cake for your nephew, try using such alternatives as Erythritol, coconut sugar, stevia or date sugar. These naturally derived and minimally processed sweeteners will considerably lower your sugar intake and keep your blood sugars level. (Natural Foods Merchandiser) In addition, try swapping out your sugary soda for water, which is extremely beneficial to your body, or seltzer water if you’re looking for flavor and carbonation. Several sources, including ABC News, reveal that drinking one 12-ounce can of soda a day can raise your risk of developing Type II Diabetes by 22 percent. Gretchen Voss of Women’s Health Magazine claims, “The typical American now swallows the
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