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  • the art of baking

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    The Art Of Baking this semester i wanted to gain knowledge about who i am as a person and what i wanted to be when i am older.i started this semester by thinking about what i love to do most, or in this case what i thought i would enjoy to spend time doing and learn more about it. I was thinking about possibly interning for lockheed martin but i wasn't 18 at the beginning of the semester so i couldn't do that. i had also thought about possibly doing something with ceramics, but didn't have a place

  • Breading In Baking: A Brief History Of Baking

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    Baking First, in order to understand baking, the history of bread will be discussed. (A Brief History of Baking).Thousands of years ago, In Mesopotamia wheat was discovered. Wheat is one of the earliest known food sources that was able to be stockpiled. If the seed becomes wet new sprouts would grow. With this discovery, it was found that if the seed was planted new seeds would also grow. At first the seed was likely to be chewed. In Mesopotamia and Egypt, these seeds and sprouts were enjoyed for

  • Mathematics of Baking

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    explain to you how a particular interest of mine, baking, involves math in more ways you would think. The Value of Ingredients Every ingredient has its own value when it comes to a recipe. It is very important that you are accurate and precise when measuring ingredients to insure that each portion is about the same as all the others. This is the true meaning and nature of baking: One part art: One part science. Measurements really matter in baking, if you it is wrong your whole baked goods will be

  • The Formality Of Baking

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    The Formality Of Baking Baking is a method that requires meticulous concentrating which can be joyous as well as frustrating. In order to understand baking it is necessary to grasp the basics. To understand the basics is practicing and conditioning yourself the proper methods of doing so. One of the easiest dough to assemble is the straight dough method, which is a combination of water, yeast, sugar, milk solids, butter and salt. The salt is added last because it inhibits the growth of the yeast

  • Importance Of Baking

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    The Baking System Baking is everything you’ll ever need. Sweetness, spice and everything nice, oh and don't forget SUGAR!!!!. Sugar is the best thing about baking. Of course I would think that because I am sugar. But don't get me wrong, just because I'm sugar does not mean i'm sweet some foods say I'm more bitter the lemon and lime juice. Since you're here I might as well tell you all I know about baking, Because I know far more than you. For instance, I know the importance of each ingredient

  • Baking Persuasive Speech

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    People bake for many different reasons: events, for fun, from stress or even out of boredom. Some people enjoy the process of baking, like myself, while others absolutely loath it. For me, there is nothing like the feeling of powdered sugar on your hands, flour all over your clothes and eating cookie and cake batter at eight O’clock in the morning. Baking is a form of stress relief for me, you can technically say that I stress bake… a lot. I go through a whole process when I bake. The day before

  • Baking Informative Speech

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    Baking is hard. Yeah, if you bake from scratch. If you do, then you have to buy all the ingredients. Then you have to read instructions. How horrible. Then with the instructions you actually have to follow them and watch as the sugar disappears into the flour. Or as the egg yolks break up and combine with other ingredients. If you think baking from scratch is hard, try baking from a box. Easy right? Not to us. My friend had the most ‘genius’ idea ever. Let’s bake! I’m actually okay at baking

  • Baking Soda Lab Report

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    of lab 1.1 Heating Baking Soda is to observe the baking soda as it is heated, the test tube, and the apparatus. Then to determine what happens to baking soda when it is heated. There are three parts to the experiment the empty test tube test, the heating baking soda test, and the tea test. To determine the effect of heating baking soda heated baking soda is compared to two different controls to isolate the properties of baking soda when it is heated. Then to determine that baking soda causes gas to

  • Golden Age Of Baking Essay

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    Some say that the golden age of baking has long passed. Not many people bake now that they can run to a bakery and get something that's better. Having the best-tasting treats is not the goal here, however. Just making something that people you care for enjoy has to be one of the most fulfilling things that a budding baker can savor. The following tips may not all be useful to home bakers, simply because everyone uses different techniques. However, there is sure to be something here that will provide

  • Abbie Baking Informative Essay

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    Smells of buttercream and sugar fill the air as Freshman Abbie Rockers adds a coat of icing to a chocolate cupcake. Abbie Rockers has owned her baking business, Abbie’s Sweet Treats, since February 2016. “I’ve always loved baking, it was a tradition with my grandma at every holiday,” Rockers said. “My mom taught me some recipes but then I would always [bake] with my grandma, then my other grandma got me all my supplies.” Abbie’s grandmother, Linda Rockers, said she started teaching Abbie how to bake

  • Pros And Cons Of Using Baking Powder

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    difference between baking soda and baking powder. Our title is the Results of Baking Powder VS using Baking Soda in a recipe. We wanted to find out if one was more effective than the other, or if one wouldn’t work without certain ingredients. This led to our research question being “Does using baking powder or baking soda affect the results of a muffin recipe?” We thought that the baking powder would result in better muffins, so in our hypothesis, we stated that that baking

  • Baking Powder Affect The Outcome Of Muffins

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    OBJECTIVE Will the different amounts of baking powder affect the outcome of muffins? HYPOTHESIS If I change the amount of baking powder, then amounts will react differently. Too much baking powder will bake quicker than the little amount. The too much amount will bake quicker, and evenly. It will not be too heavy or too small. BACKGROUND RESEARCH Warm, freshly baked muffins are a great weekend treat. Making muffins is a great way to learn kitchen chemistry. Quick breads came out

  • Personal Narrative- Holiday Baking Tradition

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    Personal Narrative- Holiday Baking Tradition Traditions are reflections of beliefs, superstitions and the personality of a family. I stop short of saying that they are the soul of a family because my family can no longer celebrate these traditions, but the spirit of my family continues to be an integral part of my life, despite the distance that sets us apart. The soul of my family remains unharmed from the miles that deprive us of the opportunity to celebrate common traditions. Regardless of

  • Demonstration Speech On No Baking Cookies Rhetorical Analysis

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    new, or learning from your mistakes. Baking is one of my special skills. I am always looking for something new to put in the oven so Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon the video on Demonstration Speech on No-Bake Cookies, I was in awe. I absolutely could not wait to start watching the video that would probably change the rest of my life. The title itself made me begin to drool. Who wouldn’t want to know the secret behind not ever using the oven for baking cookies? So, I clicked on the link and

  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Baking Nightmare

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    My Baking Nightmare Everyone has had at least one not so good baking or cooking experience. Even the best chefs and bakers in the world have had not so good experiences when working. Mine happened at the begging of the summer of my last year of high school. In Washington State you are required to do a senior project. I wanted to do mine on baking, I wanted to become a pastry chef so I decided to do mine on cupcake decorating. I was really excited to do it but was nervous because I haven’t done

  • Pros And Cons Of Baking Soda Face Mask

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    Article 6 baking soda face mask Suggested Title: Should you be using a baking soda face mask? Suggested Title: Baking soda: Skin Friend or Foe? Suggested Title: Will a baking soda face mask be right for you? No other natural ingredient manages to elicit passionate responses from both sides of the fence as baking soda does. Yes, there are proponents and opponents of the natural approach to skin care as there are of using chemical products on the face. But, the argument over the benefit and side effects

  • Baking powder and baking soda research

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    chemical name for baking soda is (Reference 1) sodium bicarbonate and the symbol equation for it is NaHCO3 and the thermal break down of it is Sodium hydrogen sodium carbonate +carbon dioxide +water 2NaHCO3 - Na2CO3 + H2O + CO2 . 168g 106g 18g 44g Both baking powder and baking soda are chemical leavening agents that cause the batter to rise when baked. It enlarges the bubbles which are already in the batter through the creaming of ingredients. What does baking powder and

  • Baking Soda And Baking Powder Research

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    been required to carry out an investigation between baking soda and baking powder in order to determine which additive is better for cooking and baking. For this assessment, research will be carried out to find out what each additive contains, how and why they enhance cooking and their advantages and disadvantages. Sodium bicarbonate or sodium hydrogen carbonate is the chemical name for baking soda and it has a chemical formula of NaHC03. Baking soda is a chemical compound with a high pH that comes

  • Baking Soda

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    Baking soda Question What will happen to the baking soda when it is heated up, and which of the three reactions is the correct one from below? (I) NaHCO₃(s) → Na₂O(s) + H₂O(g) + CO₂(g) (decomposition) 4NaHCO₃ → 2Na₂O + 2H₂O + 4CO₂ Baking Soda → Sodium Oxide + Water + Carbon Dioxide (II) NaHCO₃(s) → NaOH(s) + CO₂(g) (decomposition) (already balanced) NaHCO₃ → NaOH

  • Baking Cookies

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    measuring equipment. 4. Compare the accuracy of volume measurements using a home measuring cup and a graduated cylinder. 5. Evaluate the aesthetic values of the cookies based on the subjective testing. INTRODUCTION Due to the chemistry involved in baking, the precise measurements for both liquid and dry ingredients are important. The correct balance of ingredients will not only ensure that food turns out tasting great, but also that ratios of ingredients produce the proper consistency and density