Immigration And Immigration In America

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Immigration began back in the colonial era from the 19th century which was when immigrants started coming into the America’s. The main reason for immigration has been because of economic opportunity, with the lure of better land or a better jobs .Immigration is the act of coming to a foreign country to live. It’s also the act of leaving one 's country to settle in another which is emigration. Emigration also relieves overcrowding in a country, yet the country may lose many people with valuable skills .Immigrants flee their country because of persecution, war, or such disasters as famines or epidemics are known as refugees. Most of the immigrants that migrate to a new country first they settle in a community made up of people from their native…show more content…
The immigrants who adapt quickly usually have a background similar to the new cultural environment and with the new society. Then they eventually while plan to live permanently into the country. Immigration is the movement of people migrating into country and or state. In which they are known to not native or does not have their citizenship in order to settle and or reside there. When they move into or live in the states for a short period of time they are known to be migrating into the states which is when they tend to move from one place to another. Most immigrants come to the states and or country and live there illegally and it takes them awhile to get there visa or green card to live here legally into the states. Most of the immigrants don’t have a much of a high paying job because of their working skills or because of them living in the states illegally. They are known to be as either a migrant worker or foreign…show more content…
Liberalists agree on allowing individuals to have their freedom of speech and on what they want to do with their own lives. Also allowing them to have the same amount of equal rights based on men, women, and the gay individuals. They look at everything in positive ways and want to be there for their people. For Example, illustrated based the Washing post article states that Barack Obama he is known to be the one of the most liberal presidents since Jimmy Carter. He is definitely for his people he will always goes out his way for them. He believes everyone should have equal rights and ways of living based on their choice. Obama still wears the legacy of being the most liberalist senator since

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